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Nuclear Night


Heavy, raw and danceable. The music of the modern electroscene is flooding with new genres and artists. DJ Fireboy from Nuclear Nation is keeping track of the latest and the oldies and will serve you a blend of the best on the dancefloor at Uma Obscura.

Enjoy live performances by Cryo and Lucifer´s Aid, get dressed for a night out to the apocalyptic soundscapes of the future. Welcome to Nuclear Night at Studion, Folkets Hus during Uma Obscura.


DJ Fireboy

Genres: Futurepop, Aggrotech, Darkwave, Synthpop
“I love to play and dance. I am a very sociable and like to experiment with music.”
Favorite artists: Blutengel, Neuroticfish, X-RX, Apoptygma Berzerk.
From Linköping. Member of Linköping synth-club Nuclear Nation.

Uma Obscura
Saturday October 8
Lördag 8 oktober
Venue: Studion, Umeå Folkets Hus
Tickets: Uma Obscura festival ticket.
Bar area with age limit: 18

Presented in cooperation with Nuclear Nation.

Klubb Obscura

We travel back in time to the days when the underground clubs in Umeå were held at venues in various basements across town, where the subcultures literaly where under the surface…  KF Sub Östersund now invite you to a night with electro- and goth nostalgia.

I samma anda som de klassiska goth- och synthklubbarna som fanns i Umeå under 90-talet (Monochrome, Progress, Moriensis, GK osv) där man ofta huserade i diverse källarlokaler, pizzerior eller andra former av underjord bjuder nu KF Sub Östersund i samarbete med Uma Obscura in till en kväll med synth och goth-nostalgi!

DJ Atreyo plays music from the past…
DJ Atreyo serverar musik från gångna tider.

Uma Obscura
Friday October 7, 22-01
Fredag 7 oktober kl 22-01
Venue: Balder (Skolg 58A)
Age limit: 18
Entrance: your Uma Obscura festival ticket
Entré: festivalpass/biljett gäller, begränsat antal platser.