Information on the Corona virus

Please read the statement on the front page and this information before writing us asking questions. It saves very valuable time for us working with the festival. Thank you for understanding.

First published: 2020-03-10.
Latest update: 2020-03-19 at 15.50 local time

Governmental restrictions on events
The Swedish Governmment has decided to enforce restrictions for events that have more than 500 people attending.  EU has also decided on travel retrictions for EU. At the time of writing, several artists have been affected by the restrictions and regulations following the Coronavirus and the festival has been postponed.

We will reach out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with more info on what will happen and more info on ticket refunds or if you may be able to choose other options in addition to refunds if you like.

We want this to be as informative and solid as possible and we kindly ask for your patience.

At this point we kindly ask each and everyone to not speculate and spread rumours or ask questions if not really necessary, to save valuable time. Thank you for your understanding and support.