The Uma Obscura experience online

Donna rivjärn (press), Jätten. Foto Jaq studios. Courtesy of Jätten.

Although the true festival experience of Uma Obscura is hard to broadcast, we have some artists who have all done the second best thing to playing live, that is streaming/live recording their sets or other contributions.

Jätten was scheduled to play at Uma Obscura before the pandemic broke out. One performance was planned to be togheter with Donna rivjärn. But since the festival was postponed, they decided to instead record the DJ-set they had planned and publish it online during one of the days of the festival.

The mix consists of 30 minutes of westcoast electrofunk (or as people used to call it in Los Angeles, “workout music” beacuse of all the huffing and puffing ). The lyrics by Donna Rivjärn are inspired by their harsh situation as temp workers during the pandemics and also the tension that comes out of not being able to be close to other people.*

Jätten och donna rivjärn: The uma obscura-mix 2020:ärn-jätten-dj-set-for-uma-obscura-2020/

Also Two Witches did a live stream and interview on Saturday, April 4, the same day they were supposed to be playing at Uma Obscura: