Blastromen is an electro cyber punk duo from Finland. Their energetic electronic music with unique custom-built light system and light suits make their live show a rousing experience.

Their music is a mix of old school electro, synthesizer music, modern techno and synthwave that salutes the past and greets the future. Blastromen’s musical themes drift between futuristic landscapes and sci-fi, where complex and accurate modern production methods, catchy melodies and vocoder singing makes their music unique.

Blastromen is releasing new album, Cyberia, in March 2018 and for that they are doing multiple shows around Europe. In April they hit Sweden and Uma Obscura Festival.

Den finska elektroniska cyberpunkinfluerade duon Blastromen är känd för sina visuella och energifyllda liveframträdanden med specialbyggda ljussystem och ljusdräkter. Musiken är en mix a modern techno, syntwave och old school electro.

De släpper sitt nya album Cyberia i mars och turnérar i samband med det runt Europa. I april kommer de till Umeå och Uma Obscura!