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A brutal and beautiful lineup

We have released lots of new bookings and there is still some to come before the final lineup is ready. Tickets will be out very soon here on Uma Obscura, they have been delayed due to that we have been awaiting confirmation on some of the acts to be announced. Soon…Enjoy our first teaser trailer and please share it to your friends:

VKgoeswild confirmed for Uma Obscura!

We are very proud to present VKgoeswild (Viktoriya Yermolyeva) at this year’s Uma Obscura 2019!

Viktoriya Yermolyeva (Vika) is VKgoeswild, a classical pianist who is also known worldwide for her metal covers. Her Youtube-channel is currently soon at 700 000 subscribers. She now visist Uma Obscura where she will give a concert including lots of metal and goth songs.

Read more…

First bookings released for Uma Obscura 2019

First bookings are out for Uma Obscura 2019. The Dance Obscura experience will be enhanced by fusion collaborations and first out is dark ambient act Oestergaards who will join forces with dance act krAa fusion to create a unique live performance. We also welcome american/swedish electrorock-band Normoria to this year’s lineup. We also give you the possibility to try witchdrums in a workshop with finnish MagaLacrima and finally we welcome back scuplting artist Emmalie Västman to the Art Obscura exhibition. Lots more to expect in a near future, so stay tuned here and join the facebook-event to get even more frequent updates.

Uma Obscura returns on May 3-4, 2019

Hello everyone! The fifth edition of Uma Obscura festival will be held on May 3-4, 2019 and we are looking forward to a weekend with great performances where we can all meet and celebrate the diversity of subcultures, art full of progressive and innovative ideas.

Are you interested in participating? Now is the time to let us know.

Aftermovie of a great weekend

Uma Obscura, autumn 2018 is over, and what a fantastic weekend it was. We had great performances, a great audience and lots of fun. Have a look at this aftermovie and you will get a glimpse of what Uma Obscura had to offer.

More pics and film to come here as soon as people send it in. Do you have pictures from Uma Obscura that you wish to share? Contact us.

Henric de la Cour – cancelled. Henric de la Cour tvingas ställa in konserten på Uma Obscura

Photo: Per Norman

We are sad to announce that Henric de la Cour has been forced to cancel the concert at Uma Obscura on October 13, due to illness.

A replacement artist will be announced very soon.


Vi har nåtts av det tråkiga beskedet att Henric de la Cour tyvärr tvingas ställa in den planerade spelningen på Uma Obscura 13 oktober, detta på grund av sjukdom.

En ersättare för Henric kommer strax annonseras ut i programmet.


Dark Sky

We are happy to announce that Uma Obscura will be joining forces with LIQUID SKY and we give you the special event ”DARK SKY”, filled with DJs, smoke, UV-lights, live music and more…. Read more in the program section.

First program release!

It is time! We give you the first part of the program for Uma Obscura – autumn 2018. It is red, the blood moon of autumn.

This edition of Uma Obscura – October 12-13 – will focus a lot more on clubs, performance, art and dance. We start with presenting a lineup of artists, performance and dance acts.

From Germany we give you dance and performance artists Ida & Maxx who will bring a performance evolving the music and philosophical questions raised in Masamune Shirow’s „Ghost in the Shell“.

From Denmark we welcome back dancer Dud Muurmand to Uma Obscura with her theatric tribal fusion.

We will have HÖSTBLOT with krAa fusion and friends and from Umeå we will see what Misty Moon brings to the stage.

Art Obscura is back and first out is the collaborative art duo R & R and returning resident artist and art curatorTomas Ponga.

We will also hear from the music act ”Escaped Noise”.

This is just the beginning. Lots more will follow.

Final lineup out!

We have now released what we believe is the final lineup for Uma Obscura.  The program with time schedules and info will soon follow.

Still of course some extra surprises may come, so do check out the website here and our official facebook  www.facebook.com/UmaObscura for the latest news and updates.

We are proud to add to the line up a lot of new artists and happenings. Do check out the full lineup here on the site.

Even more artists and happenings added.

Even more artists and happenings have been added to the lineup! We are proud to present artists Sandra Mattsson, DJ Adora Batbrat, dancers Vayola Heart & Semira Frost, krAa Fusion & Marlen Sunna and burlesque performer Lady Rivet, among others!

Lots of new artists released.

We have updated with a lot of exciting news and additions to the program. For example we will get a fashion show from FireBirdFusion, dance classes and performances with Morgana and a lot of spectacular and high class art to the Art Obscura from artists like Kai Reichwaldt, Hanna Rindeskog, Geson Rathnow, Emmalie Västman and more.
Read more in the various program sections.