Uma Obscura 2023 – what a blast!

Thank you everyone who made this epic weekend possible! It was simply beautiful. World class performances and an audience that are not just spectators, but participants, creating the Uma Obscura experience!

In the words of Entropy: ”Uma Ubscura is a family reunion with your chosen family, a sanctuary and creative space for all of us that are used to not quite fitting in. Here we can express, explore and grow.”

In 2024 Uma Obscura will celebrate 10 years. But if we count the preceding event ”Sunset Park” that transformed into Uma Obscura in 2014, then we will celebrate 15 editions! We hope to see you then, because Uma Obscura is the community we form together as we transform reality and celebrate the alternative subculture scene.

Uma Obscura is the world in your eyes, seen through our lens. The festival lasts two days. The memories are forever. You Are Not Alone.