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Agent Side Grinder

Agent Side Grinder has a reputation of being a powerful and mighty live band. They have done seven European tours and played festivals such as M’era Luna Festival, Wave-Gotik Treffen. Their third album “Hardware” won the Manifest-award (Swedish indie-grammy) for best synth album in 2013. In 2015 they released their magnum opus “Alkimia”, a dramatic and melodic album that exceeded the success of ”Hardware” (another Manifest win) and cemented Agent Side Grinder’s position as one of Europe’s leading synth-wave bands.

Agent Side Grinder är kända för att vara ett starkt liveband. De har gjort flertalet Europaturnéer och spelat på festivaler såsom M’era Luna och WGT. Deras tredje album fick Manifestpriset för bästa synthalbum 2013 och deras dramatiska och melodiska album ”Alkimia” som de släppte 2015 blev en ännu större framgång. I dag räknas de till gräddan av Europeiska synth-wave artister. Nu kommer de för första gången till Uma Obscura.

DJ Briseis

Born in the deepest winter, in the frozen north, in a millenium long since past, DJ Briseis has been a part of these gatherings since the very beginning. At times taking the reins, at times fading into the background, but never far away. Back from torpor (or possibly a longer sojourn in the potato field) and with music ranging from the sanguine to the melancholic, the delectable to the
ghoulish, she hopes to soothe the most choleric of minds, yet tempt even the phlegmatics to move.

Född under djupet av vintern i den frusna norden, under ett årtusende som sedan länge är förbi, har DJ Briseis varit en del av dessa sammankomster sedan begynnelsen. Tidvis ledande, tidvis i bakgrunden, men aldrig långt borta. Tillbaka från torpor (alternativt en längre vistelse i potatislandet) och med musik i spannet från det sangvinska till det melankoliska, det ljuvliga till det makabra, hoppas hon lugna de mest koleriska sinnena, men ändå locka även flegmatikerna till rörelse.

Blood Ball

Put on your best dress and sharpen your claws, it’s time for a Blood Ball. On October 13 we give you a night with monsters, DJs, live music, dance performances and waltz!

Come as you are.

Henric de la Cour
Red Cell

DJ Briseis
(Classical, Goth, Electro and more…)

(more to come)

During the event there will be a part where we invite the audience to take part in a dance performance. We will dance waltz to a specially composed version of the song ”Unfamiliar Kind”, which is a song composed by Robin Lilja for the RTSI initiative, here presented in a brand new version!

For all of you who don’t know how to dance waltz or simply want to rehearse a bit there will be an open workshop at the festival earlier the same day. More info on this will follow soon.

Red Cell

Photo: Ida Halling

Red Cell is a band that are always moving forward. The debut album with an almost Ministry-like industrial tone started their journey but in 2008 then turned towards a more danceable sound with songs like “Silent Noise”. In 2016 they released yet another chapter and here the duo has found a more mature style, but still keeping true to their electronic era. Fans of bands like The Knife and Depeche Mode will surely enjoy their new sound.

Red cell är ett band i ständig utveckling. Debutalbumet från 2005 är industriellt och drar åt ett Ministry-sound. 2008 levererade de ett album med ett sound som var mycket mer dansant och klubbvänligt. 2016 kom den senaste skivan som bjuder på ett mer moget sound, men med rötterna i deras tidiga elektroniska mylla. De som gillar band som The Knife och Depeche Mode lär uppskatta Red Cell när de kommer till Uma Obscura i oktober.