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Tickets are out for 2016!


Finally, tickets are out for 2016! We hereby release a limited amount of 2 day-passes for the festival, available for pre-orders to the price of 300 SEK.

We still have not released any bookings. This does not mean there are no bookings. It simply means, we are sneaky and have not yet released them! So: buy a pig in a poke and order your tickets now and you will save quite a lot compared to the one-day tickets available later. One might call this crowd-funding in a way too.

So, are you willing to take a chance on us? Then surf right onto the TICKETS page and buy one or more while they’re available!

See you in October at Uma Obscura.

Dates are set!

UmaObscura_teaser2016 01

’Uma Obscura 2016 will be held on October 6-9 in Umeå Sweden. The main venue will be Umeå Folkets Hus.  Stay tuned for more information and tickets.

Next Uma Obscura: autumn 2016

The next edition of the Uma Obscura festival will be held autumn 2016 in Umeå! This has just been announced, so more info will follow.

The bookings are starting from now on, but please be patient since we need time to answer all incoming requests and to plan.

The reason the festival will not be held 2015 is that we need to gather our strength and resources and we simply need some time to rest (we have been going on for 7 years in a row counting Sunset Park festival) since this festival is done on a non profit basis.  Still, there may be a few interesting happenings in autumn 2015… keep your eyes out.

And we can assure you: Uma Obscura 2016 will be a blast!

Thank you for 2014

Uma Obscura 2014 is now over!
We would like to say THANK YOU for a fantastic festival to all the visitors, artists, volontary crew, crew and our partners and sponsors out there!
We will be back with updates, pictures and more.

photo by Petter Senften

Programme released

We have now released the official programme with times and information you will need.

We have also changed the structures of the homepage a bit, so it will hopefully be easier to navigate.

Also, a lot of new interesting participante have been added the past week, like for example Petra Shara Stoor, Ja! and Curiomira.

Film programme

We are very proud to present this year’s film programme with a theme of ”Nordic Science Fiction”. It was gathered by Peter Öberg, author of ”Science Fiction så in i Norden” in cooperation with Yttre Rymdens Nation from Umeå.

We give you a full evening with movies, all with free entrance (ltd amount of seats) and with movies like the Swedish Star Wars movie ”Threads of Destiny” and short films like ”Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom”. Enjoy


Lots of news!

We have tons of news this time.
Total Egon web
Punkrock-legend Mart Hällgren brings his solo project Total Egon

snakeskin angels webstyggelse webStormdeath web
How about a metal lineup of:
Styggelse, Stormdeath and Snakeskin Angels (!)
Fraulein Frauke - foto  John-Paul Bichard web
One of Swedens finest burlesque performers, Fräulein Frauke!
den svenska synthen-300x300
A seminar about the swedish electro scene by the author of the book ”Den Svenska Synthen”, Bengt Rahm
A cool industrial/crossover band: Ninedee

All the way from Riihimäki, Finland we bring you finnish gothband Vergil!
ryhmakuva_chaosresearch_2 web
And their friends in Chaos Research
Entropy - photo Egle ZiomaMisty Moon web800katarina svartvit

The dance performers lineup is completed with:
Morganas Döttrar, Misty Moon and Entropy!

Epidemics & 6th Awakening to Uma Obscura

_MG_2902epidemics_web steampunkers_

Today we released more artists and participants for Uma Obscura!
We are proud to present one of Swedens finest metal-bands with the powerful growling Luisa Vilevik as frontwoman. We also give you Umeås provocative and political punk-rock band Epidemics. As if this wasn’t enough we also present an artist that returns to our festival: Steampunkers.

More artists released

UmaObscura_teaser2014 02-2 web

We have released even more bookings, and a new nice teaser poster!

How about for example well known dancer Morgana (all the way from Spain), a fashion show with artist Kai Reichwaldt and also the  interesting music project Strauss Ex Machina! Read more under the Programme section.

First bookings are out!

Morgana _photo Luis Conde webkardinal synd webTugga terrier spelar på Snövit

We are proud to announce our first bookings. From Spain comes the legendary dancer Morgana, who will be a guest star on the dance stage of this year. She will also hold dance classes during the weekend!

We will have no less than 3 music stages (!) and to start the bookings we bring you the 80’s new wave band Tugga Terrier, the punk-rock band Kardinal Synd from Umeå and the darkwave project Draumstafir (Uppsala).

We will have loads of guests stars by the DJ tables this year: to start with we bring you DJ Mirre from Gothenburg (Club Zone and more), DJ Martin69 from Uppsala (Club DMZ), DJs Zynthexia and JW from Finland (Lumous Gothic Festival), DJ Innocentius from Uppsala (Club DMZ) and DJ Slackerbitch from Stockholm (Klubb Död).

This is just the beginning…. !

Uma Obscura will be born…

uma obscura nyhets header1
The weekend 18-21 of September 2014, Uma Obscura will be born. Sunset Park festival will transform into the new Alternative Culture festival of northern Sweden.

A gathering of subculture people, art, music, performances and happenings. A weekend of alternative culture in focus. A simulation of the mainstream privilege. A zone where the alternative is the dominant culture.

Welcome to Umeå and Uma Obscura festival 2014.